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We provide computer repair, services and web development for home users and small businesses in Adelaide

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Repair of computer systems

Computer problems can come in many forms, from a broken cable to a new program that won’t activate correctly. Computers can also slowly start to develop intermittent problems like freezing or blue (death) screens. A PC can be working perfectly one minute and dead the next. Problems like the computer not booting up when turned on, Windows software not loading and email or internet problems? Our qualified technician can come to you, knows how to work through the problems and resolve them fast.

Removal of virus and spyware

The internet has rapidly become part of everyday life but unfortunately so have viruses and spyware. A good firewall and anti-virus protection is essential but even the best security software can sometimes let us down. Malware such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and adware can infect any computer that is connected to the internet. Our technician has extensive experience in removing the malicious code and restoring your computer to how it worked before it became infected.

Setup a new computer

Adding a new computer to your home or office? Dreading the thought of setting it up? Our qualified technician can assist you to make the experience less stressful or to simply save your time. He can connect all the leads, connect to a new or existing wired or wireless network, install any peripherals like printers and so on. He can even transfer your old files and emails safely. He can install internet security and make sure it’s working. He can probably give you some very useful tips to get you started and keep your computer working better too.


Would you like to share an internet connection or files between several computers? Our technician can configure your existing equipment to broadcast wireless signals, or supply you with a quote for the cost to supply and install a wireless modem or router. We can also configure wireless encryption giving you peace of mind that no one is hacking into your network, stealing your internet. More than sharing your internet connection and files we can setup printer sharing allowing all the computers on the network to print off the one central printer.

Setup & troubleshoot of internet connection

So your internet connection was working fine yesterday but you can’t seem to log on today. Are you having trouble accessing your emails or sending them? Or maybe you can’t browse your usual favourite websites? These are common issues. It could be a simple problem with your firewall, or maybe other software you downloaded yesterday. It might be that your internet provider is having problems or an outage in your area. Our experienced technician can very quickly determine where the fault is and fix it quickly.

Optimise computer

Is your PC running more like a tortoise rather than a hare? Performing at a fraction of the speed it did when you first purchased it? Often poor performance is due to unwanted software running alongside Windows. To use uncommon software we can prevent it from loading until you request it or if you don't need it anymore we can completely uninstall it from your system speeding up your computer and giving you back more hard disk space. We can also back up all your files, perform a clean install to revert your computer back exactly how it was.

Develop a website

In today’s world many people and every business have their own website. Although it is possible to use a website template from the internet to build a website, an excellent website requires extensive planning and a technical knowledge of programming. Would you like your website to be ordinary or outstanding? Do you need someone who will listen to your ideas and help you to transform them into something that reflects the image you want the world to see. It doesn’t have to cost you the earth. Why not talk to our developer?

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